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How to Make Fresh Vietnamese Udon Noodles

BÁNH CANH TƯƠI – làm tại nhà ở Mỹ ngon dai udon noodles

What did I use in the video?

  • Potato ricer, Metaltex USA Inc. Potato Ricer, White,  is available at Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Flour – you can use any types of flour for rice cake (bot banh cuon).  In this video, I used Flour for rice cake (Bot Banh Cuon) – 14 Oz. by Vinh Thuan, which you can purchase at local Asian stores around $1 – $2/package.

Specific recipe? No.

Ingredients: flour, water, cooking oil, salt

How to Make Vietnamese Udon Noodles (13: 00 – 25: 25)

  • Just add flour + a little of salt + water (room temperature) into a container, mix well and then set aside until you can see cloudy flour sets at the bottom and clearly water is on the top of a container.
  • Drain clearly water out, add new water back, mix well, set aside for 2-8 hours or overnight in the fridge.
  • Then follow the steps in the video starting at 13: 00.
  • Make sure having an extra couple spoon of flour (rice flour/tapioca flour/cake mix flour which contains ricer flour and/or tapioca flour). You can get it from a bag of flour you’re going to use.

Why is there no recipe like others?

  • Make our brain less work/keep our brain healthier, easy to remember and save more money. I just want everyone can do it from any type of flour, no matter which brand is it and no need to remember the quantities.

This is a basic cooking technique. After success, do whatever you want, for example, adding more or less flour or water.

Don’t forget adding a little bit of salt & 1-2 tablespoons of cooking oil in the boiling water.

Video: NVTC | Bánh Canh Tươi bột Bánh Cuốn VT ở Mỹ – VN Fresh Udon Noodles/Cach Lam Banh Canh (20:31)

Video: BÁNH CANH TƯƠI – làm tại nhà ở Mỹ ngon dai UNCUT Vietnamese Udon Noodles (37:53)

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