How to make LUFFA & AMARANTH soup

How to make LUFFA & AMARANTH Vegetable Soup
Cách nấu canh mướp và rau dền ở nhà

Ingredients: luffa, amaranth greens, salt/fish sauce

Directions: Peel, wash and cut luffa; clean & wash amaranth greens. Bring water to boil, add amaranth and/or luffa. When it’s boiled again, add salt or fish sauce…

Notes: Be careful, luffa is very hot. You need to wait luffa cools down before eating. It’s very danger when eating luffa while it’s still in hot. Whole, large hot luffa can kill a huge gator if the gator swallows it.

Luffa’s other names: mướp hương, luffa aegyptiaca, sponge gourd, Egyptian cucumber

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